Refund Policy


No refunds will be allowed in the following situation when a student:

  • Voluntarily withdraws from squad membership (this is interpreted to mean after the student attends his/her first practice)
  • is suspended or is dropped from the squad for violating training rules, and/or established rules and procedures of the sport season or department
  • is dropped from the squad for failing to maintain eligibility standards approved by the Board of Education

A refund will be granted if injury or illness prevents continuation in the sport/activity and that fact is substantiated by a physician’s written statement.  A refund may be granted if a student transfers to another school district.  Refunds granted will be a pro-rated amount up to the mid-season of the activity.  The mid-season date is determined by using the last regularly scheduled contest, excluding the MSHSL tourney play.  There are no refunds after the mid-season of an activity has been reached.